20 Jul 2015

The world is my playground

Hi guys ! It's been a while since I made an outfit post so here you go! This is what I wore to a family gathering yesterday. I didn't question myself very long about what to wear, as this overall dress has been my go to clothing piece as of late.


I just love how cute and playful it is. It reminds me of my playground days and as I am a true kid at heart, that's why I feel good in it. It is also very comfortable and versatile, so I can't find a reason not to wear it again and again! For this look, I decided to pair it with this white shirt, which I love because of its mandarin collar and lace detailing. This is typically the type of tops I love wearing. As for my shoes, I went for these classic mary-jane pumps, which I love because they are cute, timeless and can go with basically everything. I can create vintage as well as modern looks with them, and in this case, they prevented the outfit from being to childlike, as I wanted to dress up a little bit for the occasion and look a little less like a 3 year-old hahaha.

 And here's a fluffy dog butt as a bonus !

Dress: SheIn
Blouse: Yesstyle
Heels: eBay


  1. Love this overall dress and how you paired it with a white top, so chic! :) xo~ Lena

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    1. Aw thank you Nicole, you are so sweet! xo


  3. So pretty dear! I love your dress and these shoes are perfect:)
    Have a nice day,

  4. Love this summer outfit. You always seem to get it right, thank you for sharing !

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